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Baby Walkure 2 (2023)


Chisato and Mahiro are at a loss again since they have failed to pay their insurance plan on time – thus, they are temporarily suspended from work. At the same time, the brothers, Yuri and Makoto, part-time assassins, are at a loss since they don’t get many jobs! The male duo have heard a rumor that if they take out Chisato and Mahiro, they could be promoted to full-time assassins; thus, they decide to go for it! As Chisato and Mahiro navigate their adult finances, including part-time work, the brothers are closing in on them!

Also known as: Baby Valkyrie 2 Baby Assassins 2


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:


Starring: , , , , ,

Baby Walkure 2 (2023) full episodes

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